5 Parenting Trends To Try In 2022

In 2022, parents are challenged by the new normal, the era of exciting technological opportunities for play and learning and many trends calling for a following. Bringing up a child is as exhilarating and daunting as ever and although parents are finally able to breathe easier with the return of in-person learning, everyone is ready to welcome a better and safer way forward.

A new survival attitude of resilience and coping with change is emerging as well as bringing a sense of calm to playtime to counter the sensory overload of an ultra stimulated society.

family on grass

We at Stumped have trawled the current parenting trends to bring you what we consider to be the 5 coolest parenting trends you can try this year:

  1. Ecofriendlier – happily going green and embracing a sustainable no waste policy at home has to be the top trend, here to stay for the long haul. Families are choosing to make small changes such as embracing second hand clothes, composting biodegradable waste products, and providing open-ended naturally sourced toys instead of new store-bought electronic or plastic toys. These little efforts are great news for a better world for us and future
  2. Healthier and wealthier – parents who exercise and have a healthy diet take better care of their children and are a good example for them to follow. Making goal lists, bulk buying and establishing a workable budget is also imperative for any family and an important life skill for children to learn.
  3. Experiencing and connecting – take the time to listen to your child and answer their questions. Spend quality time together outdoors, travel to further destinations for longer vacations, and have seriously fun creative playtime. Establishing a meaningful and supportive parent-child relationship will decrease depression and make for flexible and passionate parenting.
  4. Unschooling – inspiring a genuine love for learning in your children is a massive trend, especially since 2020 lockdown saw a worldwide move to school at home. Allowing kids to follow their natural inclinations, whether that be star-watching or chasing insects, doing away with traditional rules and regulations is liberating for all. Freedom of choice and expression can lead to a more stable individual who is aware of their worth.
  5. TikToking – widely recognised as the safest social media platform, this has become a joyous and honest space to share not only humorous family situations but also coping skills for more difficult daily experiences. Refreshing and unscripted, it is a means of realising you are not alone and life is not picture-perfect.

Most of all, let your parenting be filled with lovely activities which create happy lasting memories and bring back a connection with each other and the world around us. Not every trend out there is right for every family, so take what’s good and let go of the rest.

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