Mari-Louise Candiotes (@justamamma) On The Importance Of Family Play

South African mom blogger Mari-Louise Candiotes AKA 'Just A Mamma' is passionate about sharing valuable and inspirational content about the reality of motherhood and family life. We recently teamed up with her on the importance of family play featuring our Four-In-A-Row:

"Lockdown has had its challenges but it's also brought some unexpected and lovely 'gifts'. An abundance of family time has definitely been one of them and finding new ways to stay connected and have fun together is wonderful.

Family play has been key to keeping our spirits high and our hearts happy. Friday nights are now known as family games night too. We prefer the classics... Cluedo, Monopoly, Uno and our current favourite Four-In-A-Row!

Stumped has taken this already-loved family game aimed at stretching everyone's mind and transformed it into something more! Hand-crafted from raw timber sourced from sustainable forests, enriches the tactile experience during play making every moment more enjoyable. It's just impossible to keep your hands off these blocks!

Our set is displayed in the living room because it's simply too pretty to hide! I just love spying on the girls as they secretly practice together, becoming better each day in their shared mission to 'beat dad'. 

We hope our new tradition of family play will stick and even be passed down to our grandchildren. Our Four-In-A-Row set is now a part of our home and we definitely dream about future matches with future family members!" 

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