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Winter is finally over, Days are getting longer, and warmer, beautiful flowers are starting to bloom, and everything is getting green again. Spring is undoubtedly one of the best seasons to be outside with nature all around you. What could be better than getting the little ones excited about nature all while developing important early childhood skills? 

Here is a list of DIY activities you can get going in the great outdoors that are not only extremely fun but also teach your little ones valuable and important information about the nature around them.

Collect Things!

To children, the outdoors is a virtually endless treasure-trove of toys, building materials and add-ons to their current toy collection. There is so much fun to be had with rocks, sticks, leaves and anything else your child gathers while you are outside. Bring them inside and decorate them or keep them outside and build with them! We have the perfect DIY Kit to level up your little one’s collection experience, the Little Explorer's Box! A limited-edition Kit with all the tools and storage needed to keep all your best finds. It even comes with a DIY Picture frame so your most impressive find! 

Make your own spring garden

While you could plant your own flowers and wait for them to grow or gather flowers from nature to make your own garden, these options are neither as fun nor as creative as our next DIY Spring Activity. There are various items we all have around our house that can be used to make the most beautiful DIY flowers of all kinds! All we need is some creative thinking!

Paper Bowls or Styrofoam cups can be cut and painted to make the most beautiful large colourful flowers, Colourful paper can be used to cut out beautiful Hyacinth Flowers. Play dough and Earbuds just scream Daisies, and those paper straws are perfect for some paper straw stemmed tulips! Once making one trip around the house and find items we could use we will have ourselves a unique lovely spring garden of our own!

 Spring is all about lovely colours returning to our flowers and trees after the winter, why not try out our fun and eco-friendly paint set to liven up your spring garden!

Feed all those beautiful birds

Springtime means more outside time and more time to appreciate all the beautiful wildlife our country has to offer. The huge variety of birds you can find in your area is astonishing and can keep us busy for hours just watching them. When it comes to providing a place for our feathered friends a place to relax and peacefully eat their food, we prefer to do it correctly! Pick up one of our DIY Bird-feeder kits and make your very own high-quality bird feeder! This kit is a great way to get your children interested in birds and have some fun along the way, once the kit is put together, encourage them to decorate it in any way they like to really make it their very own unique Bird feeder. Don’t forget to download our free Little Birders Guide from our website to accompany your kit, this guide is filled with fun Bird related activities and a handy note-keeping section for all the beautiful birds you find using the new Bird Feeder. 

Bombs Away!

A handful of seeds and some recycled paper, doesn’t sound too interesting, does it? Well put them together and you have a flower seed bomb! Throw these bombs across the garden rod plant them in strategic locations and watch your handiwork grow. All the fun of throwing balls and digging holes while teaching your children the value of gardening! If you prefer a more in depth and educational approach to gardening for your little one, take a look at our Little Gardeners Box, everything you need to get that little green thumb planting in their very own garden!

Start your own Gogga Hotel

Goggas need a place to stay just like we do! There is no reason that they should live a life of luxury in a Gogga hotel. Our Gogga Hotel DIY Kits come with everything you need to get your own Insect hotel up and running, building our Gogga Hotel develops fine and gross motor skills while providing the fun of making something your own. Plant your favourite flower on the top to attract all the Goggas to the African reeds below where they can move into their very own comfy and cosy room. This is a fantastic way to get the little ones interested in nature and the role insects play in the ecosystem. Remember to grab your free Garden and pollination printable on our website filled with fun Insect related activities as well as a place to keep records of all the Insects that move into your new Gogga Hotel!

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