The Importance Of Sibling Play

Raising happy siblings who are kind and supportive towards each other is so important. More than 75% of children have at least one sibling and all the memories made, better or worse, will be life-shaping.

Growing up with siblings who are warm and loving act as a firm foundation that can help develop empathy towards others and a tendency for better friendships. Later in life, these important bonds will mean a stronger sense of self-confidence and a good quality of life.

How can we as parents help to build strong sibling alliances?

Firstly, from the youngest age, each of our children need to feel equally important and valued. Make some special time every day for a one-on-one with each child!

Secondly, try not to interfere when your children are in the middle of a squabble. Working out their differences helps them learn to take turns and listen to the other person’s perspective, and also teaches the value of sharing.

Thirdly, and best of all, provide lots of opportunities for your children to have fun together! 

Our Knock-a-Block is celebrated for being a toy that serves as entertainment for siblings at different developmental stages. The younger sibling learns as they watch their older sibling build, and the blocks can be passed down through generations. We love to see how your children have been sharing our blocks during play!

The unconditional love of a sibling can be a grounding anchor, a shoulder to cry on, a lifelong trusted confidante, a defender and protector, and a ruthless truth-speaking friend. Let us help our children to create beautiful memories of carefree childhood days shared with their siblings. These fond memories will be what they remember and repeat with their children one day!

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