What To Do Now That School's Out

With the current state of medical emergency being declared by government this week, public school holidays in South Africa have been prolonged until after Easter.

This means tons more activities to plan to keep the kids entertained and stimulated during their long hours at home. The loss of ‘learning’ time at school can be a daunting thought for a mom, adding pressure to keep educational activities up.

We say let your children play! Let them build and think and apply themselves to a task that is fun and stress-free. Our wooden toys and DIY kits are designed to teach your children valuable life skills without them even knowing. Through using their imagination and common sense during the act of building something, they exercise important basic cognitive functions that help them make sense of things later in life. Getting familiar with the process of building one of our birdhouses now may help them with their self-assembly furniture one day!

What’s most important is ensuring that your children stay happy and healthy, and pressurizing them to learn-learn-learn in conventional ways might add stress, compromising their immune systems. The effect of emotional stress on the physical body has been proven, making it of utmost importance to keep your home environment stress-free and relaxing. Don’t underestimate the effect that current affairs are having on them, these are trying times for their little brains (and bodies) too! Let’s work together to keep things light-hearted and fun with our little ones during this time.

All of our toys and kits are available for purchase online and are packed and ready for dispatch to your door.

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